Summer Special

Mail-Order Wagyu Beef Summer Specials

This is not your average grocery store selection of specialty beef cuts. Our 100% wagyu beef comes from carefully bred and raised cattle at our ranch in New Mexico. Some of our most mouth-wateringly delicious cuts are featured in our mail-order wagyu beef summer specials collection. The selection of wagyu cuts or sets has been curated to enhance your backyard cookout. Whether you’re a home cook or trained chef, you and your loved ones will certainly enjoy these Lone Mountain wagyu specials.

View available mail-order wagyu beef summer specials below or explore non-seasonal cuts and sets from the product menu.


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  • Gourmet Grilling Wagyu Summer Set

  • Easy Grilling Wagyu Beef Summer Set

  • Wagyu Steak Summer Set

  • Hokkaido A5 Wagyu 8oz Strip Steak

    Tasty morsels

  • Takamori A5 Wagyu Chuck Eye Steak

  • All-American Wagyu Set

    All-American Wagyu Set

    $ 178.00 $ 155.00